2018 08 – Fora – Encounters with Indonesia
2018 04 – Exhibition : Near Neighbours – Close Friends?
2017 08 – Exhibition : Art Across Water
2017 08 – Workshop : Indigo in the Water
2017 07 – Forum : In the Flow of Life : Ancestor Veneration
2017 05 – Expressions of the Sacred in Indonesian Arts

An Enticing Sample of the Music of Sumba. [LARGER VIEW]

The Subak System in Jatiluwih, Bali. [LARGER VIEW]

Patterns of Islands. [LARGER VIEW]

Embracing Difference. [LARGER VIEW]

Contemporary Indonesia on Stage. [LARGER VIEW]

Just Bali. [LARGER VIEW]

Tales of the Wily Mousedeer. [LARGER VIEW]

From Lontar to Canvas. [LARGER VIEW]

Peonies and Dragons. [LARGER VIEW]

The Irresistible Allurement of Indonesian Arts. [LARGER VIEW]

Weaving an Identity. [LARGER VIEW]

What’s in it?. [LARGER VIEW]

Architecture for the People: Mosques. [LARGER VIEW]

Masks and the Masquerade. [LARGER VIEW]

Masks and Miniatures. [LARGER VIEW]

Songket and Spices. [LARGER VIEW]

The Secret of Weaving and the Ibanic People. [LARGER VIEW]

Will you Dance at my Wedding?

Wood Metal and Clay

Our 2012 exhibition at Monash Gallery of Art was titled “Wood Metal and Clay” and was presented in the shared foyer of the Art Gallery and the Library so it could be seen by many people passing by. Click to enlarge the picture.

Artists Ways. [LARGER VIEW]

An Exhibition of a range of Art Forms from across the Indonesian Archipelago

Beyond Bali

Beyond Bali poster

From the Exotic to the Everyday